Saturday, 8 December 2012

All project for year 2 Degree done.!

1. JAVA ( Advance Programming )

* Lucky last minute do, All the option above are fully function even my head going to explode that time when i try to find a solution in edit contact for user to edit their specific data only. Seriously is hard to do that using an ArrayList method. Alhamdulillah done..:-)

2. User Interface Development ( SMK Benoni Websites - Individu )

3. Boonga Art Shoes ( Web-Based Systems - Individu )

Home Page

Login Page For User and Admin

User Menu Page

Admin Menu Page

4. Group Project ( STARZA Coorporation Sdn Bhd Web-Based Systems - Group ) 

Home Page for Final Project

Admin Page

User Page

*# Credit to RAFA Solution Enterprise ( Group Names )

     R - Raqib Hakim
     A - Azim Azani
     F - Firdaus Adnin
     A - Aizudin Bob

My stress released just a little bit only. For now on, i need to focus on my revision for exam soon.

Quite a little mess here when exam are coming forward. Actually after all the big project has been done by me and submitted, I felt like, i don't want to do anything more and having some a crazy and idiot attitude which is LAZY and PLAYFUL.

Hopefully, i will do my best in exam 31/12/2012.

Thanks for watching and reading guys..:-)

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